Any Baked Cakes has a variety of Invicta cake tins available for hire.

Specifications for numbered cake tins:

  • Approximately 10" (254mm) long by 2ΒΌ" (57mm) deep
  • Measurements are approximate and will obviously vary depending on the specific numeral (eg "8" is wider than "1" etc) and please remember cake will shrink slightly during baking
  • The intricate nature of numerals means it would be difficult to release the cake from a tin, so Invicta produce these as frames
  • We recommend wrapping bottom of frames in foil or baking parchment and placing on a baking tray before filling approximately half way with cake mix - any leakage should be slight in during the first 15 minutes of baking only
  • For product care, manufacturers do not recommend dishwasher use as steel wire edges can show signs of surface rust - dry thoroughly and wipe with cooking oil
    Terms and conditions:
  • A daily 24-hour hire charge from pick-up to return
  • Late returns will be charged at a full day's hire charge
  • A deposit is required for the full cost of replacing tins - Refunded when the tins are returned, in a clean and undamaged condition

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